Welcome to the 2019 VSTE Annual Conference Proposal System

Are you a classroom teacher who is using instructional technology in an interesting and engaging way? Are you transforming how technology is used in education? Are your students creating and sharing their learning in ways that other students and teachers would want to hear about?

The 2019 VSTE Presentations Committee is seeking proposals from educators of all levels and backgrounds. We’re looking for presentations that engage, enlighten, invigorate, transform, or motivate learners and leaders as they integrate technology into education. Whether you are a first-time presenter or returning presenter, your presence makes a difference and we want to hear from you!

Proposals can be submitted for two types of sessions: Concurrent and Innovation Station. All sessions are 1-hour in length. Each session typically will have one or two presenters leading the presentation. Innovation Station sessions are a special experience at the VSTE conference, a mixture of presentation and demonstration. This is a unique opportunity for you to interact with your audience and show your work and ideas in an open, flexible area of the conference center. Sessions may incorporate hands-on activities, lecture type presentations, interactive activities, or any other interesting and engaging formats. The goal is to share the amazing things you are doing and learning with the VSTE attendees.

Here are some tips from Marie Hone, our Presentations Committee chair, for writing a winning proposal:

1) Be thoughtful and thorough in your descriptions. Each proposal will have two description fields. The Session Program Description should be succinct and specific. This is what will be published in our conference program. The Detailed Session Description should include details about your presentation that will be used by the Presentations Committee to help them select the appropriate presentations for the 2019 conference. Use the first few sentences to grab our attention. Your descriptions should include what you want your audience to learn, which tools and ideas you will share, the format which you plan to use to present, and the technology standards you will be addressing.

2) Be specific in your audience, content, and grade level area selections. Identify your intended audience. There are presentations that apply to general audiences, but many sessions work better when you plan with a specific audience in mind. VSTE serves many different constituent groups and we want to make sure we have sessions that target specific needs, as well as sessions that apply to all.

3) Find ways to weave our theme, ‘On Track with Tech’’, into your session! Think of fun ways to incorporate our theme and help join in the fun of presenting at the VSTE Conference.

4) Submit! Don’t be afraid to take that far-out idea you have been mulling over and turn it into a session description. New and exciting ideas are one of the reasons the VSTE Conference is a great place to be! The deadline for submission of proposals is September 11 , 2019. Don’t wait. Submit your proposal now. Multiple proposals are allowed.

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